A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In each potato sack, only the strongest are chosen to be turned into poutine. Pit yourself against your friends to prove your worth and fulfill your destiny! Will you emerge victorious?

Instructions: Stab other potatoes and get to your flag first to be named the chosen potato!

Controls: [KEYBOARD] Evil red potato: WASD to move + Left CTRL to attack, Innocent yellow potato: Arrow keys to move + M to attack. [CONTROLLERS] Joystick to move left/right + A to jump + B to attack

Game made in 6 weeks for the Pixelles Incubator IV.


Poutine up a fight.zip 16 MB
Poutine up a fight_Mac.zip 17 MB
Poutine up a fight_Linux.zip 19 MB

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